Our Humble beginnings

    RGA School was started 12 years ago with the aim of providing education to the underpriviledged children..

We started in the year 2008 with three classrooms for kindergarten and baby sitting. Our main focus at his stage was to establish the school and to remove the misconceptions about 'studying full time' in the slums.

Started with 3 rooms
RGA School

The RGA School is located in the Usmania Block of Ghousianagar slums where a majority of economically backward Muslims live. Their general conditions are of those below poverty line. Good education lies beyond their reach. Alhamdulillah, By the grace of Almighty Allah, RGA School is here to provide it


Rehbar Graduate Association (RGA) is a voluntary group of philanthropists coming together from various walks of life with the soul aim of uplifting the poorer sections among the Muslim community by providing them free quality education to bring them into the progressive mainstream and reach a position of dignity in society.

RGA School is the first such project of Rehbar Graduate Association in Mysore. It is designed to impart both academic education and religious knowledge. In the context of present declining moral values, an education system based on Islamic character is the need of the hour to enable the children of our underprivileged to realize their dreams and be good Muslims and good citizens of India at the same time.