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Rehbar Graduate Association

Rehbar Graduate Association (RGA) is a voluntary group of philanthropists coming together from various walks of life with the soul aim of uplifting the poorer sections among the Muslim community.Read more...

RGA School

RGA School The RGA School is located in the Usmania Block of Ghousianagar slums where a majority of economically backward Muslims live. Good education lies beyond their reach. Read more...




    REHBAR GRADUATES ASSOCIATION, Mysore, is a registered body that has been serving the downtrodden citizens in Mysore for the past 13 years. It has among its trustees very committed individuals with good reputations in the city who have always been striving to see that their efforts are constantly focused on improving our society. This body has been educating the children of the poor and needy families in the Usmania Block slum in Ghousia Nagar, Mysore by establishing a school, which has been steadily growing both in its stature and in its role, thanks to the participation of philanthropic individuals.

    The past few years have seen the establishment of a high school for children form the slums, whose education would otherwise have ended before doing them any good. We look forward to you for much help by way of your generous Zakat, Sadaqaath and other contributions, which can do wonders for the residents of this slum by getting their children some much-needed education. May Allah, the Almighty, in turn, reward you with the best of his mercies and bounties for your charitable act of helping those of his subjects who deserve to be helped most.

    Your handsome donations to Rehbar Graduate's Association are proof of this wisdom and a testimony of your large-heartedness.

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